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charlie.murphy is a project devoted to developing community as a cornerstone and expanding the scope of contemporary and popular art forms. While recording and touring in various bands as a rhythm section, charlie.murphy (Charlie Bruber & Murphy Janssen) saw and heard the boundless creativity in the many musicians and artists around them. There was so much inspiration, yet too little time to work with more people than just the bands they were gigging in. Late night jams consisting of a Moog Little Phatty through an Echoplex, Youtube algorithms, and an EMS Polysynthi led them to a lush, nostalgic and transformative sound; a sound to build a community around. Songs quickly began to take shape and soon charlie.murphy were inviting their fellow artists to collaborate on a new singles and album ideas.

Now, charlie.murphy is happy to introduce their first EP. 

Find 'Initial Gain' on all streaming platforms.