Charlie.Murphy is a recording project with a simple goal in mind; to build a new music community. While recording and touring in their own bands Charlie.Murphy (Charlie Bruber & Murphy Janssen) saw and heard the boundless creativity in the many musicians and artists around them. There was so much inspiration, yet too little time to work with more people than the bands they were playing in. Armed with the holy grail of synthesizers - the EMS Polysynthi - and its lush, transformative and rare sound (built exclusively in 1978, only 29 in existence) Charlie.Murphy began building that community. In featuring the unique voices and artistry of those around them C.M. is working to show that community is the answer to many of life's problems.

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The first self-titled EP serves to showcase the eclectic musical tastes of both members of the duo, the range of the EMS Polysynthi and most importantly fellow artists and musicians that Charlie.Murphy look to surround themselves with. Collaboration has always been a key element of creativity for the rhythm section, whether making new art with old instruments or solving old problems with new solutions.

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